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Justin "3LAU" Blau, is a mashup artist from Las Vegas, Nevada. His style mainly incorporates top 40's with popular electronic dance music. 3LAU began mashing in fall of 2011, shifting from his shoegaze artistry under the alias Glimpse. Blau attended Washington University in St. Louis until the fall of 2012, when he decided to pursue his music career instead of finishing his undergraduate degree in finance. His mashups, most notably "Girls Who Save the World" and "All Night Long," have been prominently featured on blogs. Read more on Last.fm

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Action - Extended Edit
Back To New - 3LAU Reboot
Bang - Tiësto Bootleg Radio Edit
Dancing In The Backseat
Drive - 3LAU & Acetronix Remix
E.T. feels starry eyed (3LAU Remash)
E.T. Youth Take Shots
Escape - Charity Strike Remix
Escape - Manse Remix
Escape - Original Mix
Girls Who Save The World
Guilty Pleasure - 3LAU Bootleg
H8 - 3LAU Bootleg
How You Love Me
How You Love Me - Radio Edit
Journey Without You
Jupiter Unison (3LAU Bootleg)
Jupiter Unison - 3LAU Bootleg
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