Baby Alice

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Andreas Svensson and Tim strm started this project during the summer of 2005. Baby Alice is all about entertaining and having fun. They hope to create a fun time on the dance floors with their music that people can't resist dancing to, and that the catchy melodies and humoristic lyrics can't get out of peoples mind! Read more on

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Heaven Is a Dancefloor
Heaven Is a Dancefloor - D-ice Hardcore Edit
Heaven Is a Dancefloor - Raaban Dirty Dutch Edit
Mr DJ - Radio Edit "China 2008"
Piña Colada Boy
Piña Colada Boy - Nicc Remix
Piña Colada Boy - Radio Edit
Piña Colada Boy - Silverroom Club Remix
Piña Colada Boy - The Perez Brothers Remix
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