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Darin (born Darin Zanyar, June 2, 1987 in Stockholm, Sweden) is a Swedish pop singer and songwriter of Kurdish descent and one of Sweden's best-selling artists, with numerous chart topping songs and music albums. After participating in Idol 2004, Darin released his debut album "The Anthem" having reached second place in the competition and becoming number one in the hearts of many girls and boys. The album quickly reached the tops of the charts, along with his debut single "Money for nothing". Read more on Last.fm

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Alla ögon på mig
Be what you wanna be
Before I Pass Out
Can't Stop Love
Check You Out - John De Sohn Remix
En apa som liknar dig
Everything But The Girl
I Can't Get You Off My Mind
I'll Be Alright
Lovekiller - Redtop Radio Remix
Lovekiller - Steffwell Radio Mix
Magdalena (Livet före döden)
Mamma Mia - feat. Prophet of 7Lions
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