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David Bowie (b. David Robert Jones on 8th January 1947 in Brixton, London, UK, d. 10th January 2016 in New York, USA) was an English rock singer, songwriter, musician, and actor. Active during six decades of popular music and frequently reinventing his music and image, Bowie is widely regarded as an innovator, particularly for his work in the 1970s. Shortly after releasing his 25th studio album Blackstar, it was announced Bowie died on 10 January 2016, following an eighteen-month battle with cancer. Read more on Last.fm

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'Tis A Pity She Was A Whore
(You Will) Set The World On Fire
1984 - 1999 Remastered Version
Absolute Beginners
All The Young Dudes
Always Crashing In The Same Car - 1999 Remastered Version
Ashes To Ashes - 1990 Digital Remaster
Blue Jean - 1990 Digital Remaster
Boys Keep Swinging
Cat People (Putting Out Fire)
Cat People (Putting Out Fire) - Single Version;2002 Digital Remaster
Cat People [Putting Out The Fire]
Changes - 1990 - Remaster
Changes - 1997 Digital Remaster
Changes - 1999 Digital Remaster
China Girl - Single Version; 2002 Digital Remaster
China Girl - Single Version;1990 - Remaster
Dancing In The Street
Dancing In The Street - 2002 Digital Remaster
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