Flight Facilities

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Forget the secret identities and fabricated back stories, Flight Facilities are an Australian based production duo who combine the blissed out pop production of Quincy Jones, the dancefloor hedonism of Daft Punk and the intoxicating head rush of the best night of your life. After first emerging last year with sultry Summer reworkings of Bag Raiders? ?Turbo Love?, The Lowbrows? ?Dream In The Desert?, Toecutter?s ?Best Party Ever? Read more on Last.fm

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1. Foreign Language feat. Jess - Flight Facilities Extended Mix
Crave You (Adventure Club Remix)
Crave You (feat. Giselle)
Crave You (Version 2)
Crave You - Adventure Club Dubstep Remix
Crave You Ft Giselle
Feelin - Original Mix
Foreign Language - Flight Facilities Extended Mix
Foreign Language - Will Saul & Tam Cooper Remix
Foreign Language feat. Jess - Will Saul & Tam Cooper Remix
Foriegn Language (Beni Remix)
Stand Still - Mario Basanov Remix
With You (feat. Grovesnor)
With You - David August Mix
With You - Flight Facilities Extended Mix
With You feat. Grovesnor - MAM Remix
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