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Fragma, or the Fragma Project are a German house/trance group comprising four members. Founded in 1998 by brothers Dirk and Marco Duderstadt, they produced their first single Toca Me with experienced producer Ramon Zenker. When it was released the following year it topped several dance charts around the world, and reached number 11 in the UK charts. In 2000, a mash-up was produced, taking the music of Fragma's Toca Me and placing the vocals from Read more on

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Everytime You Need Me
Forever And A Day - Radio Mix
Memory - Klaas Radio Mix
Oops Sorry - Picco Remix Edit
Time And Time Again (Megara Vs. Dj Lee)
Toca Me [Inpetto 2008 Mix]
Toca's Miracle - Inpetto 2012 Radio Update
Toca's Miracle - Inpetto Remix
Toca's Miracle [Inpetto Edit]
Toca's Miracle [Inpetto Remix]
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