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He is german electro house artist and DJ. His real name is Klaas Gerling. Klaas? fascination of putting on electronic sounds was aroused within the Cologne club scene in the late 90ies: He debuted with several releases and approached ambitiously the art of mixing sounds. Soon after, the open-minded Cologne based DJ moved forward to the energetic electro-sound producing his first electro-vinyl Slip & Slide with Micha Moor for the Cologne label Scream and Shout Recordings Read more on Last.fm

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Better Days (Klaas Gloss Mix) - Klaas Gloss Mix
Do What You Do - Bodybangers Remix Edit
Do What You Do - Original Mix
Downtown - Original Mix Edit
Downtown - Spinnin Elements Remix
Feel The Love (D.O.N.S. & DBN Mix)
Feel The Love (Klaas Increase Mix)
Feel The Love (Original Mix)
Feel The Love - Klaas Increase Mix
Feel The Love - Klaas Increase Mix Edit
Feel The Love - Original Mix Edit
Flight to Paris
Freak - Bodybangers Mix Edit
Hold This Moment
Hold This Moment - Just Mike Remix
Hold This Moment - Just Mike Remix Edit
I'm Free - Original Mix
I'm Free - Radio Edit
I'm Free - Remady Remix Edit
It´s My Day (Club Mix Edit) - Club Mix Edit
Our Own Way - Original Mix
Our Own Way - Original Mix Edit
Party Like We're Animals - Radio Edit
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