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Maia Hirasawa (born May 5, 1980, in Sollentuna, Sweden) is a Swedish-Japanese singer-songwriter. She works both as a solo artist and as a part of the band Hello Saferide. In March 2007 she released the single And I Found This Boy which got played well on radio. She released her solo debut, Though, I'm Just Me in April 2007. In June, 2007, she released a new single called Gothenburg. In June she also got to perform in front of a very big audience at this year's opening of the popular and legendary sing-along show Allsng P Skansen. Read more on

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A Year With You
And I Found This Boy
Dröm bort mig igen
I Said I'm Gonna
I Will Sing For You
Mattis And Maia
The Worrying Kind
You And Me And Everyone We Know
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