Michael Mind

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German DJ from Nordrhein-Westfalen Blinded By The Light' rocked the clubs worldwide in 2007 and reached the No. 12 position in the German sales charts. Not enough: even the follow up singles 'Ride Like The Wind', ?Don?t Walk Away? and 'Two Three Four' reached top positions in the dance charts and entered the german sales charts. 'Show Me Love' was the next step and another Sure Shot in the Clubscene. Michael just released his album CD My Mind and 'Bakerstreet' is the next Single which will be out soon. Read more on Last.fm

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Baker Street (Club Edit)
Baker Street - Club Edit
Baker Street - House Rockerz Remix
Baker Street - Vocal Edit
Blinded By The Light - Radio Cut
Don't Walk Away
Gotta Let You Go
Gotta Let You Go - Club Mix
Gotta Let You Go - Dutch Mix
Gotta Let You Go - Michael Mind's In Love Edit
Gotta Let You Go - Michael Mind's In Love Remix
Love's Gonna Get You
Love's Gonna Get You - Club Mix
Love's Gonna Get You - Radio Edit
Ride Like The Wind (Klaas Radio Edit)
Ride Like The Wind (Klaas Remix)
Ride Like The Wind - Klaas Radio Edit
Show Me Love - Club Mix
Show Me Love - Extended
Show Me Love - Gap 4 Remix
Show Me Love - Short Edit
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