Miriam Bryant

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Miriam Melanie Bryant, Swedish singer and songwriter, born March 8, 1991 in Utby, Nylse parish, Gothenburg and Bohus County, Sweden. Miriam grew up in Gothenburg as youngest daughter of English father Roy and Finnish mother Oyti. She has three siblings, namely baby-bro Nicolas and older sisters Sarah and Elisa. She started a early childhood music education to take voice lessons on choral singing in Brunnsbo Music Class Girls Choir, Gothenburg. Read more on Last.fm

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Last Soul on Earth - Filip Jenven & Mike Perry Remix
Last Soul on Earth - Filip Jenven & Mike Perry Remix - Extended Version
Last Soul on Earth - Radio Edit
Life Is A Flower
Push Play (Salvatore Ganacci Remix)
Push Play - Acoustic Version
Push Play - Filip Jenven & Mike Perry Remix
Raised in Rain - Reprise
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