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Sunrise Avenue is a Finnish band originally formed in 1992 in Helsinki, Finland. Until 2001, the band was known as Sunrise. As of October 2017, the band has released five studio albums, two live albums, two EPs and one compilation album. Current members Samu Aleksi Haber: lead vocals, guitar Ilkka Ruutu: bass, backing vocals Riku Juhani Rajamaa: guitar, backing vocals Sami Tapio Osala: drums Former members Jan Hohenthal: guitar, backing vocals (1992?2002) Read more on

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All Because Of You
Fairytale Gone Bad
Fairytale Gone Bad (Acoustic version)
Fairytale Gone Bad (Radio version)
Fairytale Gone Bad - Acoustic Version
Forever Yours - Acoustic Version
Forever Yours - Single Version
Heartbreak Century
I Don't Dance - Single Version
I Help You Hate Me
Nothing Is Over
Nothing Is Over - Instrumental
Somebody Help Me
What I Like About You - non album track
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