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The story of Technoboy starts in Bologna, Italy in the second half of the 80's, when a hard-working schoolboy named Cristiano Giusberti stepped into a local discotheque for the first time. What was nothing more to his peers than a night out without having to bother about books and teachers, appeared to be a life-changing event for Cristiano. It was like every fiber of his body soaked up the music and he knew after that night what his destiny was: to be that guy on the podium, making people feel the same as he just experienced. Read more on

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Bass, Beats & Melody (Technoboy 2010 Remix) - Technoboy 2010 Remix
Celebrate Life - Extended Mix
Digital Playground - Extended Version
Hardrive - Lesson 1
In Ya Face - Extended Version
Into Deep - Pulsedriver Edit
Into Deep - Rocco & Bass-T Remix
Luka - Extended Version
Next Dimensional World
Next Dimensional World - Extended Q-Dance Version
Nothing Nu - Radio Version
Psycho Ex (Hardstyle Masterz Remix)
Psycho Ex - Hardstyle Masterz Remix
Put Some Grace - In Your Face Mix
Rage - A Hardtyle Song
Rage - Fronliner Remix
Rage - Frontliner Remix
Ravers' Rules - K-Traxx Remix
Re-Invent Yourself
Steam Train - Original
Steam Train - Radio Edit
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