The Streets

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There are two artists with this name: 1. A British rapper 2. A Finnish rock band 1. Mike Skinner (born November 27, 1978), more commonly known by his stage name The Streets, is a rapper from Birmingham, England. He was born in Barnet in North London and that's where his accent, sometimes called 'Mockney' by the press, comes from. You can hear his actual accent on the start of 'Fake Streets Hats' from his album The Hardest Way To Make An Easy Living recorded in 2006. Read more on

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Blinded By The Lights - Nero Remix
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Don't Mug Yourself
Everything Is Borrowed
Fit But You Know It
Fit But You Know It - MC's version featuring Kano, Donae'o, Lady Sovereign and Tinchy Stryder
Going Through Hell
Has It Come To This?
Heaven For The Weather
In The Middle - Nero Remix
It Was Supposed To Be So Easy
Let's Push Things Forward
Never Went To Church
Never Went To Church - Acoustic Version
On The Edge Of A Cliff
Roof Of Your Car
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